Ark found in Tampa Bay

The Following is a stroy from Tampa Bay Online:

The arklike building across from Dinosaur World has been attracting the attention of passing motorists since construction started last year. It's not clear what kind of a business the building will house once construction is done. For that matter, it's not clear when work will wrap up.
The owner, George Hansen of New York City, said in a brief interview that he originally planned it as a war memorial. "But there are a lot of unanswered questions and I'm just not ready to discuss the project at this time," he said.
The building wasn't modeled after the biblical ark, even though the resemblance is striking. Even Hansen's designer said he's heard it called that.
"People call it the ark, for obvious reasons," said Edrahim Mehrani, owner of DCI Solutions in Lutz. "But we are not sure what the final use will be. The building is up for lease, and the tenant will make the final decision."

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