What's Next

We finished Beautiful Consistency and learned of the amazing gifts that come with our faith. We learned in the last lesson that all area of our life with Jesus can be broken down into the four creature lessons of Agur. We need to be prepared to follow Him and make decisions with the future in mind. Also, living a life that is close to God gives us a strong foundation that keeps us safe and lifts us up when we need a boost. Living a life in a Jesus based community is essential for growth, mentorship and fellowship that keeps our eyes fixed on Jesus. Lastly, we need to persevere. Times can get tough, but Jesus is there and when we get through the tough times we only become stronger. So, the question becomes what's next.

Rob Bell explains it nicely by saying that "you need to be covered by the dust of your Rabbi (which in our case is Jesus)."

That is a tough challenge, but after learning about our faith and what it takes to act on that faith, this is where we must go. We need to be a revolutionary follower of a revolutionary Messiah.

Let's get covered in the dust of Jesus together and we will start this Friday with our new series Guy/Girl Talk starting at 7 pm and going until 9pm in Founder's Hall.

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